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Challenge #199: Inveterate

The Boon challenge is now closed.

Our next challenge is: Inveterate


1. settled or confirmed in a habit, practice, feeling, or the like: an inveterate gambler.
2. firmly established by long continuance, as a disease, habit, practice, feeling, etc.; chronic.

Syn: abiding, chronic, continuing, entrenched, habitual, incurable, ingrained, long-lasting, obstinate, persistent

Go ahead and twist the challenge however you want, it’s up to you. *g*

You have two weeks to write your fic and post or link to it here. I will post a new challenge on Wednesday, May 17th.

This week’s challenge doesn’t inspire you? Check out our previous challenges numerically here: LJ | DW or alphabetically here: LJ | DW.

If at any time you need to refresh your memory about subject lines, headers, or anything else, check out the rules on the profile page: LJ | DW.

Have fun!

(Please feel free to suggest future challenges in the comments to this post.)
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